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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Well after 400 years I've finally gotten some time for a new update, sorry for being a blog slacker.

X-RayKid has finally finished our IP's and website. Please come visit us at

www.x-raykid.com !

I have some new artwork up and we're really excited to see what you guys think!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Finally, the secret Google project is out at www.Lively.com !!!! We've spent the better part of two years at X-RayKid developing content for Lively and we're excited that everyone finally gets to see it!

Download it now and start exploring all the worlds we've imagined for everyone to hang out in. Take the time to try out all the different aspects that Lively offers, a ton of animations for each avatar, sweet room buddies to keep with you like a 10 eyed alien or angry paper bag.

Tell me what you guys think!!

The other big project I'm on was announced today as well, Hulk vs Wolverine DTV!
This is one huge slugfest/slicefest. I was the Lead character designer on it and it was a ton of fun playing with some of my favorite Marvel characters.
Trust me when I say you guys haven't seen Wolverine, or the Hulk like this in animation...ever.
It'll be screened for the first time at the San Diego Comic con, hope to see everyone there!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A lot has happened since July, the biggest being......

X-RAYKID,inc ! It's a 2d/3d concept, videogame studio. I'm having a blast working with so many talented fools. Right now we're up to our necks in our Google project, (which will kick much booty)but we also have a bunch of other secret projects up our sleeves for the near future.
We hope you guys will really enjoy the products we come out with. Our focus as a company is to concentrate on high quality work that will resonate with everyone.

Finished work on the TBD Marvel/Lionsgate DTV. The character line-up is really a fan's dream. Some of the characters are my favorite in the Marvel Universe. I'll post stuff after it's officially announced bub.

The Batman season 4 just came out last Tuesday, so go out and get it! By far the best Batman season of all of 'em. I watched the dvd and remembered how much I enjoyed making the shows and the whole experience. There's a featurette in the bonus section of the dvd which includes a Alan Burnett, Mike Jelenic, Mike Goguen and myself talking about the focus of season 4.

The final issue of Iron and the Maiden has come out. Joe Maduriera and I did the designs on it with Jason Rubin Exec producing and Francis Manapul with the sweet pencils! It's a great story go pick it up!

Really quick, this has been a crazy month for videogames. Crysis for the pc is unbelievable. I will have a hard time with any linear/on rails fps from here on out. I end up forgetting I'm playing a videogame and feel like I'm on an actual huge isalnd. I can't tell you how many times I've snuck up behind 2 soldiers, grabbed one silently and pulled him back into the jungle without his partner knowing. So much fun.....best fps I've ever played, even better than Half-Life 2.

As for Consoles, Super Mario Galaxy is the best Mario game hands down. It beat out Super Mario 64 as my favorite. It's got all the spot-on gameplay mechanics that's the bread and butter of the Mario franchise, plus a ton of new ways to play. This game brings me back to the sense of wonder I would have as a kid when I was runnin around in a forest at camp or exploring somewhere I'd never been before. Amazing game, 15/10 score.

I'll update all you guys when we announce some of the new stuff X-Ray Kid is up too!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The official "Iron and the Maiden" site is up! Please visit it at www.ironandthemaiden.com . It's going to be sweeet. It's great seeing Jason's unique vision come together.His attention to detail is astounding. I can't tell you how easy it is to design for a guy that knows EXACTLY what he wants. These are his characters and he knows them inside and out. Make sure all you guys go out and get the comics when they come out, you'll be glad you did!

I shared the designing load with Joe Madureira and it turned out great. You can see what we did by clicking on the characters tab!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'll be at San Diego Con this year, hope to see you all there! I won't be at a booth, but I'll be there supporting my buddy Jose Lopez and his Mariachi Samurai!