Saturday, November 24, 2007

A lot has happened since July, the biggest being......

X-RAYKID,inc ! It's a 2d/3d concept, videogame studio. I'm having a blast working with so many talented fools. Right now we're up to our necks in our Google project, (which will kick much booty)but we also have a bunch of other secret projects up our sleeves for the near future.
We hope you guys will really enjoy the products we come out with. Our focus as a company is to concentrate on high quality work that will resonate with everyone.

Finished work on the TBD Marvel/Lionsgate DTV. The character line-up is really a fan's dream. Some of the characters are my favorite in the Marvel Universe. I'll post stuff after it's officially announced bub.

The Batman season 4 just came out last Tuesday, so go out and get it! By far the best Batman season of all of 'em. I watched the dvd and remembered how much I enjoyed making the shows and the whole experience. There's a featurette in the bonus section of the dvd which includes a Alan Burnett, Mike Jelenic, Mike Goguen and myself talking about the focus of season 4.

The final issue of Iron and the Maiden has come out. Joe Maduriera and I did the designs on it with Jason Rubin Exec producing and Francis Manapul with the sweet pencils! It's a great story go pick it up!

Really quick, this has been a crazy month for videogames. Crysis for the pc is unbelievable. I will have a hard time with any linear/on rails fps from here on out. I end up forgetting I'm playing a videogame and feel like I'm on an actual huge isalnd. I can't tell you how many times I've snuck up behind 2 soldiers, grabbed one silently and pulled him back into the jungle without his partner knowing. So much fps I've ever played, even better than Half-Life 2.

As for Consoles, Super Mario Galaxy is the best Mario game hands down. It beat out Super Mario 64 as my favorite. It's got all the spot-on gameplay mechanics that's the bread and butter of the Mario franchise, plus a ton of new ways to play. This game brings me back to the sense of wonder I would have as a kid when I was runnin around in a forest at camp or exploring somewhere I'd never been before. Amazing game, 15/10 score.

I'll update all you guys when we announce some of the new stuff X-Ray Kid is up too!