Sunday, April 30, 2006

Since this is much quicker than updating my website, I'll be telling all you guys the most recent news here! First I want to thank Jose Lopez for putting a fire under me to finally get a blog. On to blogging!

The Batman: I am sooo happy with our show right now.We have a crew that loves to work with each other and strives to do the best show day in and day out. A huge new edition we have this season is Michael Jelenic as our story editor. Him, Michael Goguen and I really wanted to get away from normal stories and do more event style episodes. We wanted to make sure every episode has a hook that will make it must see tv. Here's a couple examples, an episode with Harley Quinn, written by Paul Dini, and another episode introducing Robin the boy wonder, written by Michael Jelenic, and those aren't our biggest! We have more that will knock your socks off! I'm a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly TV series, so we went off and asked writersDoug Petrie and Jane Espenson if they wanted to do anything for us. Between the two of them(and Joss)they've written so many fan favorite Buffy episodes it's ridiculous. They came by Warner Bros and we ended up meeting with them on the same day fortuitously, and they were just like," Let's write two episodes together!" After I composed myself and convinced them that "I was okay and that these are tears of joy..."we went on and talked about what they wanted to write. I can't tell you about their story, but I can tell you that it's out of this world and that they are a dream to work with!

Congratulations to the Batman crew for winning two Emmys last weekend! WOOOOOOOT!