Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The official "Iron and the Maiden" site is up! Please visit it at www.ironandthemaiden.com . It's going to be sweeet. It's great seeing Jason's unique vision come together.His attention to detail is astounding. I can't tell you how easy it is to design for a guy that knows EXACTLY what he wants. These are his characters and he knows them inside and out. Make sure all you guys go out and get the comics when they come out, you'll be glad you did!

I shared the designing load with Joe Madureira and it turned out great. You can see what we did by clicking on the characters tab!


Blogger Roc said...

those characters are phenomenal! the whole project looks great.


8:55 PM

Blogger COMIKXGUY said...


that movie was cool


too fast, no pause button and no sound

hope you fix that


we'll see how things go when you guys release the videogame :)

3:59 AM

Blogger Antonio Santamaria said...

Matsuda & Madureira together in an adventure!!! I can't wait to see that!!!! It's a pleasure to be able to say that you are one of my references. I love your work in "The Batman" animated series... in fact I also work as character designer and storyboard artist into this field and I know when the things are really well done... so congratulations Jeff!!! And my best regards from Barcelona!!!!

10:28 AM

Blogger P.J. Magalhães said...

It's great to have found your blog, sir. I have loved every single episode of Jackie Chan and hope to get it on DVD one day. I only ever caught your KABOOM stuff as the only comic book stuff you did but i have been trying to follow anything you have been artistically involved with since then. I love your stuff.

Cheers for putting this stuff up.

4:30 AM

Blogger nuvole elettriche said...

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11:31 AM

Blogger adam said...

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4:08 PM

Blogger Christian Zamorano Eats 3 Square Meals a Day said...

The Iron and the Maiden cover was beyond awesomeness. It was a real treat to see your and Joe's vision merged.
Great stuff!

2:16 PM

Blogger dan szilagyi said...

i love your work on iron and the maiden!!! i made sure to get the covers that you did jeff, its cool being able to see something on your blog and then being able to hold it as well.
i have to say you did an amazing job on it, i can't wait for the next issues to come out!

11:07 AM

Blogger Leonel Castellani said...

I´m so glad I´ve found this Blog. Your notes on character design and production process are brilliant, hope to see more of your tips soon. And your work always wows me. "Iron and the Maiden" look terrific!

4:57 PM

Blogger jeff matsuda said...

Thanks for the compliments guys! Sorry I've been offline for so long, I'll have new artwork and tips soon!

10:28 PM

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6:31 AM

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