Friday, May 25, 2007

I loved workin on Iron and the Maiden, brainchild of Jason Rubin (creator of Crash Bandicoot). Joe Maduriera and I did the concepts to populate the universe of Iron and the Maiden, as well as work on this cover together. Joe designed Iron and Maiden and I drew the various villains and allies that they would run into. I was interested to see how our styles would mix and I think it turned out great.
Jason knew what he wanted as he explained his vision, and that really helped as I started drawing the characters. It was a lot of fun working with him and it shows in the end product!

One day I just wanted to draw my version of Link from the Nintendo Zelda series, so I did. It's based off of the Twilight Princess Link design, even though I feel the look of Windwaker is far superior. My buddy Aron Lusen painted this piece and really knocked my socks off.

I really enjoy taking established characters and taking them out for a spin. Hope you like it and I'll try to get more videogame drawings out. I'm dying to draw Rez from Psychonauts.