Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Finally, the secret Google project is out at www.Lively.com !!!! We've spent the better part of two years at X-RayKid developing content for Lively and we're excited that everyone finally gets to see it!

Download it now and start exploring all the worlds we've imagined for everyone to hang out in. Take the time to try out all the different aspects that Lively offers, a ton of animations for each avatar, sweet room buddies to keep with you like a 10 eyed alien or angry paper bag.

Tell me what you guys think!!

The other big project I'm on was announced today as well, Hulk vs Wolverine DTV!
This is one huge slugfest/slicefest. I was the Lead character designer on it and it was a ton of fun playing with some of my favorite Marvel characters.
Trust me when I say you guys haven't seen Wolverine, or the Hulk like this in animation...ever.
It'll be screened for the first time at the San Diego Comic con, hope to see everyone there!